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Canine fitness

A fit dog is a happy dog!

Canine Fitness

Sue will assess your dog's physical fitness in the light of your personal goals. For an athletic dog involved in sporting competitions, core strength, flexibility, balance and stability is essential to prevent injury and to achieve a high level of physical condition and performance. A pet dog may not have such high physical demands but weight control and basic core fitness will be important.

Sue will show you how to improve your dog's fitness, flexibility and core strength in a safe and fun way. Using a variety of techniques, she will make an comprehensive individual plan for you to work on at the clinic as well as at home.

What will a fitness session cover?

  • a good warm up and cool down routine.
  • the foundation of safe fitness principles.
  • easy and simple techniques to prevent and help lameness and injury.
  • how to increase core and trunk strength.
  • how to achieve elongation of muscles and a better range of motion.
  • how to identify and improve weak areas.
  • how to improve general body awareness.

All Sue's techniques are fun and offer a great opportunity for you to build trust and a firm bond between you and your dog. Simple and safe techniques that you can do in your living room that will help improve your dog's physical and mental condition.

Sue uses a wide range of equipment but primarily the Toto Fit range, which is phthalate and latex free and is burst resistant. It is available from
However Sue is also very good at improvising to help owners to find inexpensive ways of finding kit around the home.

Canine Fitness
Canine Fitness
Canine Fitness