Topjax Animal Therapies


Just to let you know I am opening up again in a small way but with strict terms and social distancing.
I'll be wearing grooming overalls and one set per client.
At the moment I am only treating one client a day and due course that will go up.
Only one human to accompany your dog.
Please wait at or in your car for me to come and collect you.

Covid-19 questions
  • I will ensure that the gates and doors are open for you.
  • Upon entry to my building the bathroom is immediately on your right please wash your hands on entry.
  • Then go straight through the fitness room to the small patio area, where you will sit and I'll sit just inside with your dog, 2 meters away, this will be easier if we go down to one meter!
  • Your dog's lead will be changed.
  • Your dog will be sprayed with Leucillin.
  • Your dog will have their treatment.
  • Dog's lead changed back.
  • Dog sprayed with Leucillin.
  • Traceability and mitigation form completed which you need to take a photo of and keep for at least 2 weeks.
  • Please wash your hands on leaving.
  • You will be escorted back to your car.
  • As and when I can see more clients there will be at least 30 minutes between clients, for airing and cleaning.
I hope this helps and if you would like your dog massaged and checked for any niggles, then please don't hesitate to contact me.
If you would like a video of my building and rooms then please ask and I'll sent you one or do a live for you.

"Kip has sampled the new regime and is pleased to say he survived being sprayed.
My concern was that he wouldn't allow himself to be massaged as it usually takes the two of us to hold him down but he quickly relaxed.
Everything went very smoothly and I had the pleasure of enjoying Sue's garden while Kip enjoyed his massage.
Kip is hinting that he needs another massage as soon as possible."
"Such a lovely, safe set-up : sitting in the fresh air but still being able to keep an eye on your dog during its treatment.
I know that you put a lot of thought into making the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone, Sue."

Topjax Animal Massage


    Increases muscle tone flexibility and confidence.
    prepares the dog for intense action, helps prevent injuries. Aids recovery and relaxation after the event.
  • OLD DOGS: -
    increased mobility and improved quality of life.
    therapeutic massage to improve the well being of your pet.

Conditions that benefit from canine massage and Low Level Laser therapy.

Topjax Animal Massage
  • general stiffness.
  • osteoarthritis frequently found in older dogs and can cause considerable pain.
  • depression, lack of energy, going off food, reluctance to do normal activities can all be signs of pain which can be treated.
  • muscle atrophy (wastage).
  • irregular gait.
  • elbow dysplasia.
  • spondylosis/spondylitis inflammatory disease of the intervertebral discs.
  • hip dysplasia/Legg-Calve-Perthes (hip conditions which can cause considerable pain).
  • psoas conditions affecting the spine - hip muscles (dog may be difficult to get to heel).
  • luxating patella, or slipping knee cap.
  • cruciate ligament damage or rupture, a very painful condition which may need surgery.

By using a multi modular approach Topjax Animal Therapies gets impressive results in treating these and many other conditions.

Agility Training
Agility Training
Agility Training


Animal Massage

I not only treat dogs, but most small mammals including rabbits.

Rowen was having problems moving due to his size.
Massage has helped him move better and also made him more tolerant of his human carers.
This is what his owner says: 'Thank you so much. It has really helped him and hopefully will keep him going a bit longer!'

Low level Laser therapy or PhotoBioModulation

LL laser therapy

It sounds scary but unlike the use of high powered lasers, low level laser (LL) therapy does not damage tissue. Rather it aims to relieve pain by stimulating cell function.

Sue offers non-invasive LL laser therapy either as part of a customised treatment plan (massage or fitness) or as a stand-alone treatment.

LL laser therapy can help:

  • The healing response through:
    • Increased adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and protein synthesis
    • Improved cell regeneration
    • Change in cell membrane permeability to calcium up-take.
  • Pain relief through:
    • Increased endorphin release
    • Increased serotonin levels
    • Suppression of nociceptor (pain receptor) action
  • Immune system support through:
    • Increasing levels of lymphocyte activity
    • Photomodulation of blood

Sue finds that light therapy helps enormously with the healing process.
Her clients would agree that it has helped hundreds of dogs enabling them to have fuller pain free lives.